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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Rough Night

Last night was a rough one. Baby Dog has had a sniffle and a cough the last few days. Because it wasn’t too bad and because of one logistical thing or another, we never got around to replenishing the supply of Baby Tylenol that she used up during her last bout of croup. At three in the morning, we discovered the error of our ways. Her cough kept waking her up, and then she kept waking us up. Mama Dog didn’t sleep at all between threeish and fivish. I took the fivish to sevenish shift. Then Mama Dog called Halmonie to come over and save the day. We were then able to sleep in until ninish and somewhat recoup our sleep deficit.

First order of business this morning: off to the drug store for Baby Tylenol.


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