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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Baby Dog’s Latest Amazing Feat

When Neighbour Mike went out of town, I agreed to pick up his mail for him. As it happened, I was home from work for a few days so I could be sure to get the mail shortly after it was delivered. I’d pop around the corner a few times every day with Baby Dog in tow. We’d walk around the corner, looking at the sights along the way, and go straight on to Neighbour Mike’s mailbox. If the mail hadn’t yet arrived I’d say, “No mail yet,” and we’d head home.

Today, Baby Dog asked to go out for a little stroll. I didn’t feel like crossing the street to check out the house with the kittycats, so instead we took a left turn at the corner, taking us in the direction of Neighbour Mike’s house. When Baby Dog caught sight of his front door and his empty mailbox, she said, “No mail yet.”

Now here’s the thing: that time Neighbour Mike was out of town? It was last year, end of August, start of September. Baby Dog was barely over a year old and only speaking isolated words…lots of words, but not much in the way of phrases or sentences. She never repeated the phrase “No mail yet” back then. I’ve never had occasion to repeat it in the context of Neighbour Mike’s house. But somehow she has retained it well enough to dredge it up eight months later. I know this won’t come as news, but I hopelessly marvel.


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