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Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Short Bit (After a Long Day's Work) About How I'd Rather Stay Home and Play with the Baby

Here’s a thing that Baby Dog and I are working on in our informal playtime R&D group (which we’re thinking of incorporating as Fun with Fingers and Noises, LLC, just as soon as we can arrange sufficient venture capital and Baby Dog learns how to make her mark on the articles of incorporation): I pretend to eat her fingers. While doing so, I pop my eyes and try to resemble Cookie Monster and make witty sallies such as “Uggabuggabuggabuggabugga.” Baby Dog then responds by laughing and kicking her legs. After a few repetitions, she might have a go at grabbing onto my lower lip and seeing how far she can stretch it out from its mooring on my face. At that point I’ll offer an observation along the lines of “Oogaboogaboogaboogabooga” and pretend to gobble her forehead. I suppose you have to be there, but she seems to think it’s jolly good fun.

Unfortunately, the time for developing such sure-fire commercially viable amusements is going to be scarce for the next little while. Work is busying up. I had to stay past close of business Tuesday and again tonight. Tomorrow I’ll probably be there until the cock crows, and as all my regular backup people are making themselves scarce, it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be there a large chunk of the weekend. Needless to say, this blows. If only there was a regular living to be made off pretending to gobble fingers. Perhaps I should trademark “Uggabuggabuggabuggabugga” and see if anyone will buy it on a t-shirt.


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