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Saturday, May 20, 2006


You must have seen those magazine ads for American Express, the "My Card" campaign featuring such celebrities as Kate Winslet and Ken Watanabe. If you haven't, the two-page spread shows said celebrity in a soulful pose -- obviously in the midst of deep contemplation -- to convey a sense of tranquilty and fulfillment. Of course those qualities are the polar opposite of what is normally associated with credit cards: greed for material things or despair over insurmountable debt. A questionnaire appears on the verso and features open-ended questions that have been allegedly answered by the featured celebrity in its own handwriting.

Here's a sample:

Proudest moment - When I gain trust from someone.
Biggest challenge - Life.
Perfect day - Searching for something I cannot reach.
Inspiration - I am inspired by so many things every day.
My life - is about taking my own path.
My card - is American Express.

That's all fine and dandy for Mr. Watanabe (who, from the photograph seems to have a bit of an equestrian fetish). But here's what I'd say:

Proudest moment - Holding my brand-new baby girl for the first time and thinking, "I made this!"

Biggest challenge - keeping the house clean

Perfect day - Sleep until 8 a.m., then have Papa Dog tie me down with rope so that I am not tempted to run around all day completing tasks.

Inspiration - Pristine water occuring in a natural setting.

My life - is what I have made it. I blame nobody.

My card - is usually Mastercard, except for when I buy gas, in which case it's American Express because that's all Costco accepts.


Blogger Judy said...

Just stopping by - Mama Dog, LOVE your AE ad you have going there! HAHA My card of choice is Discover because of the whole "pays you back" thing it has going on. My Mastercard is a GM card, racking up "points" towards a new vehicle that we will never buy, and my Target Visa is, well, Target.

5:17 AM  

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