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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shellicky Bookey

Baby Dog’s new favourite song is another one from the Clancy Brothers, a very brief ditty that’s part of the “Children’s Medley” on In Person at Carnegie Hall. It goes:

Shellicky shellicky bookey
Put out all your hor-ns
All the ladies are comin’ to see-ee ya

If for some reason you weren’t already aware of it, a shellicky bookey (spelling approximate) is a snail, and the intent of the song is to coax a snail out of its shell. Baby Dog learned of this song in the aftermath of a snail sighting wherein the snail was relieving itself. I wasn’t there, but Mama Dog swears that’s what happened. Our routine now is that Baby Dog requests “Shellicky Bookey,” I dutifully sing it baritone, and she solemnly observes “Snail take a poo.”


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