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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Guest Blogging - Day 1

Didn't get a lick of sleep last night, thanks to the horrors of the Bay Area real estate market! To make a long story short, Halmonie, her Realtor, and I are involved in a bidding war with a seller that, to any sane person, would seem to border on the criminal. I'm talkin' Enron-type scandalous! Don't pay no mind to anyone saying the market's turning soft; it's still a total seller's market out there and a cut-throat one at that. The good thing about all this? Our house has at least tripled in price since we bought it in 2001. Too bad we ain't sellin'.

I've caught Baby Dog's cold and, on top of the insomnia, I'm cranky as all hell. No filters on anything I say when I'm this out of it. In an HR "work values" feedback session today I complained bitterly that my institution's compensation is shit. Then, I told a co-worker that the HR Director (a woman) looks like Bill Gates. You can't insult someone much lower than that. Okay - maybe Donald Trump. On the positive side, Papa Dog is off on a cool secret mission right now. Too bad we can't discuss on this faversham.

Last - Doggy Dog's bubo-like growth is showing no signs of improvement/shrinkage. I've been spraying the affected area twice a day, but it's still sore. He's gonna have to have the thing surgically removed, but not until we've taken him to the vet for bloodwork, first. What a total ass-pain. Well, more for him than for us. Poor doggie. He's 9 years old -- approximately equal to 56 in human years.

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