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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Papa Dog’s Fourth (Semi-) Annual Canadian Trivia Door Prize

I’m pooped. Spent the whole day cleaning up and preparing for the party, had the party, and have spent the last hour and a half cleaning up after the party. My back went out twice, once during dinner and once after the guests had left. I’m a shambles and ready to go to bed, except I have to stay up until the dishes finish so I can put on another load. Way too tired to post. So instead, I’m going to recycle the trivia quiz that was mandatory for attendance at the party. Post your answers as comments. Highest scorer after a week or so will get some sort of fabulous prize. As is the case during the party, there are no rules. Cheat however you want to. People who were at the party and heard me read out the answers during the prize award are eligible to enter. Have ever so much fun.

Papa Dog’s Fourth (Semi-) Annual Canadian Trivia Door Prize

1. Name That Word (5 points each)

a. A counterpane is:

A. a bedspread
B. a cash register
C. a windowsill
D. one opposed to panes

b. A chesterfield is:

A. an aeroplane
B. a cigarette
C. a couch
D. where the wild Chesters grow

c. A dressing gown is:

A. a bathrobe
B. a salad spinner
C. a surgeon’s smock
D. one garment donning another

d. A serviette is:

A. a breath mint
B. a waitress
C. a napkin
D. a female servy

e. The Pogey is:

B. Unemployment insurance
C. A city jail
D. A word I made up for this quiz

f. Another word for “bathroom” is:

A. cleanroom
B. sinkroom
C. washroom
D. alleyway behind the Mac’s Milk

2. Name That Pronunciation (5 points each)

a. “Shone” (past tense of “shine”) rhymes with:

A. stone
B. gone
C. done
D. hepatosplenomegaly

b. “Z” (the last letter of the alphabet) rhymes with:

A. fly
B. flee
C. fled
D. hepatospleno¬megaly

3. Name That Place (5 points each)

a. You’re in the observation deck of the Peace Tower, looking out at the view of…what city?

b. You’re in Thunder Bay, standing at the shore, looking out at…what body of water?

c. You’re driving southbound on the Lions Gate Bridge, about to enter…what city?

d. You’re somewhere in Ontario, walking along the longest street in the world. What street is that?

e. You’re the proprietor of a small business in Hull. An Anglo from across the river walks in and says to you, “Donnez-moi un Cinquante,” (pronouncing it laboriously, like he hails from Alberta: “DUNN-nay-mwa-uhn-sank-ONT”). What kind of business do you most likely run?

f. At 8:40 p.m. on May 12th, you’re kicking back with the spouse and children in your home at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Your eldest is firing up the extras on the Kids in the Hall Second Season DVD collection and you’re casually sneaking a look at your notes for your morning meetings. You notice that the battery on your laptop needs charging. You are left-handed. You’ll be turning 48 on Thursday. You are tired of the carpet on the stairs. You are the only one in your house¬hold who has a job. The humidity is unusually high for October. It has been at least a year since you last played golf. You have a doctoral degree from McGill University. You have recently had a complete physical. Your father was a corporate attorney. You have never visited Uzbekistan. You did not binge drink in college.

Only two of the details in the preceding paragraph are actually relevant to this question, which is: what is your job title?

Bonus question (10 points): which two details told you what your job title must be?

4. Name That Fake (5 points each)

a. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. Blue
B. Golden
C. Red Green
D. Old Vienna

b. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. Du Maurier
B. Export A
C. Players
D. Red Apples

c. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. Mr. Dressup
B. Cracker Time
C. Chez Hélène
D. The Friendly Giant

d. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. Lady Jane
B. Sweet Marie
C. Oh Henry
D. Jersey Milk

e. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. Trooper
B. Streetheart
C. Lagerhead
D. April Wine

f. Which one doesn’t belong?

A. King of Kensington
B. Front Page Challenge
C. The Rich Little Comedy Hour
D. The Beachcombers

Bonus Points:

To belabour the obvious – each of the foregoing “Name that Fake” questions includes three examples of a particular category plus a fourth one that I just made up. For extra points, identify the categories represented by each question.

6 right = 50 points
5 right = 40 points
4 right = 32 points
3 right = 24 points
2 right = 16 points
1 right = 8 points

5. Name That Time (10 points)

You’re 225 km (south)east of Sudbury on the Trans-Canada Highway. You’re driving at the speed limit. It’s noon on the dot. If you maintain your speed and make no stops, at approximately what time will you see the giant nickel?

6. Name That Weird-Looking Money (10 points)
What’s this?

7. Name That Original Name (5 points each)

Which present-day city used to be called:

a. Hochelaga
b. Stadacona
c. Strathcona
d. York

8. Name That Fake Name (10 points maximum) – The Sir Gordon Fraser-McDouglas Memorial bonus award of ten points will be given to the person who, in the judge’s sole estimation, comes up with the most authentically Canadian-sounding incorrect name for a nineteenth century Prime Minister. Runners-up will receive from 1 to 9 points, again based on the judge’s sole estimation of the veracity of the fake name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

b.Lake Superior
d.Yonge Street
e.Convenience store
f.Prime Minister, "24 Sussex Drive", "only one in your house-hold who has a job"
4.a.C Canadian beers
b.D Canadian cigarettes
c.B Canadian children's TV shows
d.A Canadian chocolate bars
e.C Canadian bands
f.C Canadian TV shows
5. 2:15 p.m.
6. Canadian Tire money
b.Quebec City
8. Sir Sanford MacDougall

paul Anonymous

7:54 PM  

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