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Monday, November 01, 2004

Work Continues to Suck and Vote for Cy

So, I got the data entry done for the landfill thing, just slightly past noon. The dude in charge of it said he’d look it over and bring back edits, and that’s the last I’ve seen of him or it. Guess it wasn’t that important after all. Because I gave him priority through the morning, I wasn’t exactly on top of things vis a vis the big proposal, and by one in the afternoon it was clear that had inexplicably turned from “hey we’re ahead of things for once” to “by gosh, this is a Grade A fustercluck.” Before the afternoon was out, I found myself volunteering to actually leave my work station and soil my hands making photocopies; the graphics manager was in combat mode; the colour printer was wheezing; my printer was rendered useless; and the marketing manager was in tears. Copymat had not quite saved the day after all. All the pages were there, but they weren’t exactly what you’d technically call in the right order, and apparently that’s not the professional look we were going for. It occurred to me to suggest that we just stamp this as the “Dada version,” but I had sense enough not to say that out loud. Things were bad enough as they were. We’re doing a companion volume next week. I can hardly wait.

I had lunch at 3:30. At least I got to have lunch, though I can’t exactly call it a lunch break because I was still printing while I was eating.

Hey, remind me not to let complaints about my stupid job take over the faversham. It’s got to be the least interesting thing possible to write about, but it’s all I did today, so there you go.

Hey, if you live in Alameda County, vote tomorrow for Cy Gulassa for Peralta Community College Board. I know next to nothing about either the Peralta Board or Mr. Gulassa, but his wife was handing out flyers at the BART station this morning and asked me really nicely to think of voting for her husband. Since it’s against the law for me to vote, I won’t be doing that, but she was really nice, so I thought I should say something on Cy’s behalf. The Bay Guardian says he’s okay.

That’s it. Other stuff to do before sleep. Don’t forget to vote against Bush.


Blogger Brownstein said...

I just returned from voting for the Good Guys. Also ballot questions concerning the Patriot Act, decriminalizing the sale and possession of Marijuana, and equal custody rights, providing neither parent is a criminal fucksack.

Though I already knew I was voting for Kerry, last night I watched a PBS special called The Choice which better illustrated the candidate's record and virtues than his own campaign. From the beginning of his political life, John Kerry has been driven by foreign policy concerns, from his post-tour protests of Vietnam, to his failed anti-war candidacy for Congress, through his senate record of attempting a peaceful solution in Nicaragua, investigation of Vietnam POWs, and carefully considered caveats of both Gulf Wars. It's unfortunate that Kerry performs poorly at distilling the complexity of these foreign policy matters to a soundbyte, but I vastly prefer the candidate that understands the various complexities of these national security matters to one that prays for a solution and picks from his gut.

Though he scores poorly on the likability index, Kerry is certainly the candidate that best understands the United States' role in a multi-lateral world, best understands the cost of war, and has the best interests of the United States as it is to engage in the rest of the world at heart.

Yesterday I was voting against Bush, but after viewing this well-presented report, I without reservations woke up this morning to vote for John Kerry.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Brownstein said...

More Frightening News, via electoral-vote.com:

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist announced last week that he was going to return to the Supreme Court yesterday. He did not return. According to the New York Times his office released a terse statement saying that the Chief Justice spent 7 days at Bethesda Naval Hospital where he was treated for thyroid cancer. He underwent a tracheotomy so he could breathe and he is now being given both chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Medical experts say this evidence suggests that the cancer was not successfully removed and that even with heroic treatment, patients with this type of cancer usually die within a year. Should the election end up in the Supreme Court, it is not known whether Rehnquist will particpate in the case and vote on the outcome. Should he decline to participate due to ill health, the deadlock in the country might end up in a Court itself deadlocked 4-4. In such an event, the lower court ruling stands but no legal precedent is set. An alternative scenario is that Chief Justice Rehnquist resigns and that President Bush makes a recess appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation. If Bush were to appoint a new justice without Senate confirmation who then cast the deciding vote to make Bush president I fear for the future of the country. Let us hope somebody wins big today with no litigation. Do your part and vote.

9:25 AM  

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